Laminate tubes

Laminate tubes represent functional, ecological and attractive sort of packaging primarily used for packing toothpastes as well as other paste products in cosmetics, chemical, nutritional and other industries. This packaging superbly protects the content from the outer influences, and due to its practical usage and the attractive look , its great role in the presentation and the sales of the product is indisputable.

For all laminate tubes it is characteristic to have a longitudinal seam on the tube body. They can be white, colored, transparent, with or without print. The foil print is made in the technique of flexible print or copperplate -printing before the laminate tube production. The closure of filled tubes is carried out by a customer in the procedure of thermo-welding. The basic material for making this packaging is a five-layer foil.

Regarding the barrier that the laminate foil contains, there are two standard types of laminate tubes: 



ABL-laminate tubes are manufactured of a five-layer foil with an aluminum barrier . The barrier inside the laminate foil has primarily the protective role. It protects the product from the environmental influence ( resistance to diffusion, corrosion, light) , and it prevents the loss or the change of flavor. The kind and the thickness of the barrier is chosen depending on the kind of the product that is packed in a particular laminate tube. Because of the extraordinary barrier capability of aluminum, the laminate tubes can be used for packing the " aggressive " contents. This kind of packaging can be widely used in different industries for packing pastes, creams, gels and ointments. According to the customers' demands, the production of Abl-laminate tubes comprises a range of different diameters and lengths of tubes which can be combined with several variants of closures.

PBL-laminate tubes are manufactured of a five-layer foil with a plastics barrier (EVOH). These tubes are specific for their better shape maintenance which enables their unchangeable shape after squeezing out the content. The tube always comes back into its original position, it remains visually the same, smooth and without folds. The advantage of PBL-laminate tubes is due to the fact that because of the strength and durability of material, an additional outer packing in a cardboard box is not necessary. According to the customers' demands the production of PBL-laminate tubes at TIM SORS comprises various diameters and lengths of tubes which can be combined with several variants of closures.